Trying to assign a dynamic keyboard shortcut doesn't work in Gimp 2.10.36 on macOS

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First up, I apologise if this is not the right place or category within which to post this issue. I couldn’t find a Mac-specific forum for Gimp, so you fine folks are stuck with me! :stuck_out_tongue: (unless you can point me in the right direction towards a better place to post this).

Anyway, according to the 2.10 docs, I should be able to do the following:

  1. First, you have to activate this capability by checking the Use dynamic keyboard shortcuts option in the Interface item of the Preferences menu. This option is usually not checked, to prevent accidental key presses from creating an unwanted shortcut.
  2. While you’re doing that, also check the Save keyboard shortcuts on exit option so that your shortcut will be saved.
  3. To create a keyboard shortcut, simply place the mouse pointer on a command in the menu: it will then be highlighted. Be careful that the mouse pointer doesn’t move and type a sequence of three keys, keeping the keys pressed. You will see this sequence appear on the right of the command.

I’m trying to do this with Ctrl+Shift+S on the menu item of a custom script that I have installed, but the key combo isn’t showing up on the right of the command like that doc page says it should. What gives??

I’ve also tried doing this through the Settings > Interface > Configure Keyboard Shortcuts... option, but the menu command (File > Saver) doesn’t show up there!

Any help would be very much appreciated. MTIA! :smile:

“Control” is actually “Command” on OSX/MacOS.

@Ofnuts Thanks for trying to help, but I’ve been using all three major operating systems for decades (well GNU/Linux not so much, but I digress), so I’m well aware of this. And that’s not the issue…it doesn’t matter what key combo I try to set; nothing shows up on the right side of the menu and nothing is saved.

I’ve tried multiple combinations of all four combo keys - fn, control, shift and command - but only three keys total in each attempt, one being a letter, and nothing has worked. Any other ideas?

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Best thing to do would be to open an issue after checking there isn’t already an open issue about it.

Note that assigning dynamic keyboard shortcuts won’t be available in future GIMP 3.0 since GTK3 removed that feature (unless someone adds code for it to GIMP itself). Without checking, I believe that at least in the current development version you can assign shortcuts to your own scripts/plug-ins.

you can assign shortcuts to your own scripts/plug-ins.
Manually assigning shortcuts through the burdensome way works even in 2.99.x - but it is such an amount of work that nobody does that, unless one is willing to spare a full day to configure GIMP.

The dynamic keyboard shortcuts are a great GIMP feature, and I will try to bring then back in the 3.x series - I really think of it as a very important feature.

For the moment, though, it simply works for me on 2.10.x series - no idea what could be wrong with the O.P. 's setup.

There are several known issues related to keyboard shortcuts on macOS. We could certainly use more macOS developers helping out.

@jboerema I’m not a macOS developer per se, but I have decades of experience with C/C++ and might be able to help out on weekends. Where would be the best place to get started with this?

@CoopMeisterFresh The first thing I would do is try to do a clean build of GIMP on macOS. Some build instructions are listed here. Our mac maintainer lukaso can be reached on GIMP’s matrix channel:

If you want to have a look at this specific issue, then you would need to build the 2.10 branch. However, since we are nearing a 3.0 release, more help there would also be appreciated. See e.g. here for some mac specific issues.

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