Translations/l10n for libraries used by gedit

gedit uses libraries that greatly affect the strings used in the UI, but it is planned to move several of these libraries outside

I see that Amtk is in Damned Lies (
Module Statistics: amtk

Currently Tepl isn’t.

Both Amtk and Tepl will probably be moved outside Tepl is a little like the “libgedit”.

So by having these projects hosted elsewhere, what would be a good way to handle l10n?

  • Copying amtk.pot and tepl.pot files in another repo (gedit) ? And use other gettext tools, basically.
  • Handle translations of Amtk and Tepl separately from the GNOME project? (so probably different teams of translators). Or, in this case and probably only short term, do not handle l10n at all.

Let me know what you think. Are there other projects in more or less the same situation wrt. GNOME?

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