Translations in GIMP 2.10.38 not updated

I’m a little disappointed. Downloaded GIMP 2.10.38 today, but it seems no language updates have been made. Why are my translations not included?
GIMP 2.10 is almost 100% translated in DamnedLies into my language (Norwegian Nynorsk).
Also GIMP master is translated, but Gnome won’t load “gimp-tiny-fu”.
Some time ago, GIMP 2.99.18 was updated. Also this one without language updates.

I have searched the forum without finding answer to this question. Maybe I did not used the correct searching terms?

If your translations get committed to GIMP’s repo either for the 2.10 branch or master, then they get included in the next release. Your name is mentioned in the 2.10.38 release notes, so I don’t doubt that at least some of your translations were included. We have no reason to purposely exclude certain translations.

If I look at the nn GIMP interface translations, then it certainly looks like there is more work to do. Besides that, if any committed translations isn’t showing up, the best thing to do is open an issue.

Concerning tiny-fu. I think that is an old and seemingly abandoned project, not handled by the GIMP team. Although there were some code commits in 2022, they actually date from 10/12 years ago. In the meantime, a different standalone scriptfu interpreter was added to the master branch. In short, for tiny-fu you best open an issue in that repository that it isn’t working with the master branch of GIMP.

Another project that is not actively worked on is gimp-gap.

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Nevermind, I clicked the wrong link, Nynorsk is indeed a lot more complete.

My translations are there!
The installation program was in English. I forgot to set the user language to Norwegian Nynorsk manually. So now everything is fine, both in 2.10.38 and 2.99.18. My mistake, sorry for the noise.
Thanks for your explanations.