Translating plug--ins in GIMP

It must have been discussed before somewhere, but I can’t find it.
I have not found ways to translate many of the built in plug-ins in GIMP. Is this possible?
If not, it is possible to get the plug-in developers to fix it? As for now, GIMP is (almost) useless to many people since in many of the dialogs there is almost English text only. I have used GIMP for 20 years or so, but notice that it is difficult to “sell” the program with this error.
A few years ago, almost any text could be translated.

Were you trying to translate the master branch or the 2.10 branch?

It is difficult to answer this without knowing any more details about which plug-in/filter you have trouble finding the translation for, or which is not translated when it should.

If I look e.g. here, I see the Norwegian translation of the Focus Blur for the master branch.

Please give exact examples of what you want to translate but are unable to.

It concerns translation of the dialogue for many filters/plug-ins in master, probably also in 2.10. Not checked. Applies to those included with GIMP. In the example you refer to, Focus Blur, only the title of the filter and “Presets”, “On-canvas controls” and “Preview” + the four buttons at the bottom of the dialog have been translated into Norwegian Nynorsk (nn). (See the atached image). All the nn/po files in GIMP Master UI are near 100% translated.
The text on the webside can be translated 100%.
I do not have access to upload images to DamnedLies, so the image on the webside is the original English image.

It’s the Master. See my answer to Jacob.
I think it applies to 2.10 as well, but haven’t checked.

I was a bit too fast. A few others are translated. All Mode names are translated too.

Ah, looks like Missing GEGL translations (#9172) · Issues · GNOME / GIMP · GitLab which has untranslated GEGL strings for some builds.