Translate into Dutch

I am trying to find my way here to translate the manual further into Dutch, can anyone help how and where I should be? Looking forward to any response.

Hi; which manual do you want to translate?

First get an account on the translation website DamnedLies, then become a member of the Dutch language team here.

After that find something to translate from the modules list.

Ok done. But how to open an .po file in powerpoint 365. Isn’t it easier to email the text and I’ll translate?

Gimp 2.10 manual. Online version still shows many English parts.

You should use a dedicated translation program that knows how to handle po files. I’ve used poedit in the past, but there are other free programs that you can use too.

All changes to translations are handled through the language teams. Since I’m not a translator, I don’t know the exact procedure, your team will probably be able to give you more information on that. I do know, that you have to upload the finished po file to the website. I think it will then be reviewed before being added to the gimp-help repository if all is well.

When the changes have been added to gimp-help, the online gimp-help will be updated within a day. You can check the translation percentage there too.

Thx Jacob. Finding my way around this GNOME environment, all new to me, but I’m managing.

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