Tracker3 doesn't finish it's work

I am on tracker3 3.5.1, and I’ve noticed that GNOME Music shows only small part of my music collection.
I have music folder on ntfs partiion, and it was working flawlessly before.
Please help with tips how to provide additional info for issue solving, thank you!

Hi, if you run the command tracker3 search --music-albums on a terminal (or tracker3 search --music-albums | wc -l for just a count of albums) does tracker show all your albums? Then probably you’re having the same issue as Many albums not shown since Gnome 44.1, unable to connect to tracker properly (#566) · Issues · GNOME / gnome-music · GitLab.

Sorry I don’t know the cause or how to diagnose further.

You could consider for time being to use Amberol or Lollypop for music playing. Both fit well with GNOME. Amberol is basically drag & drop files into the player to play them. Lollypop indexes your music itself, doesn’t rely on tracker, and lets you browse and play albums similar as GNOME Music but is more featureful. I’m a happy Lollypop listener :slight_smile:

Thank you a lot for your help. Output doesn’t show all my albums, just small amount of them. Thank you for music players, for now I am using Amberol, but want to figure out how to deal with tracker too :slight_smile:

UPD: downloading tracker3 and tracker3-miners from 3.5.1 to 3.5.0 fixes the problem.

Just to confirm, after downgrading to tracker 3.5.0 the command tracker3 search --music-albums shows you all your albums? Or did you mean GNOME Music worked again.

If after downgrading to tracker 3.5.0 the command tracker3 search --music-albums shows you all your albums again I think this is an issue for tracker and you can report it here: Issues · GNOME / tracker · GitLab

After downgrade tracker3 search --music-albums returns all of my albums and gnome-music shows all of my albums. Before that tracker3 search --music-albums returned only part of them and gnome-music showed only part of them. In my case it is 50+ before downgrading vs 300+ after downgrading.

So definitely an issue with tracker itself, and not as on the GitLab issue something going wrong between Music and tracker.

I’ve filled the issue tracker 3.5.1 fails to index music files (#403) · Issues · GNOME / tracker · GitLab

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