Tracker SPARQL affected by behaviour change in SQLite 3.45.3

Heads up for anyone using Tracker SPARQL. We have many reports that the SQLite 3.45.3 release contains an non-backwards compatible change which causes errors from Tracker SPARQL and Tracker Miners. The errors look like this:

ambiguous column name: ROWID (0)

Carlos Garnacho fixed this with core: Fix incompatibility introduced by SQLite 3.45.3 (!665) · Merge requests · GNOME / tracker · GitLab and core: Bump database version (!668) · Merge requests · GNOME / tracker · GitLab. The fixes will be included in the next stable release of Tracker SPARQL which will be 3.7.3.

In the meantime, please avoid using Tracker SPARQL with SQLite 3.45.3 as you will hit these errors.



FWIW, I have just released tracker-3.7.3 that will work on with SQLite 3.45.3 as well as previous versions. Distributions shipping SQLite 3.45.3 are recommended to ship Tracker 3.7.3 as well.