Tracker online meetings: start this Saturday

Leading up to the release of Tracker 3.0, we have decided to have a team meeting every 2 weeks. This will take place online using videoconferencing software (i’m not sure which yet… any suggestions?). It’ll be at 15.00 UTC on Saturday 18th April, and the plan is to have a meeting every 2 weeks.

The core team (Carlos Garnacho and me) will be present and you’re invited too if you have something you want to discuss. Just add it to the agenda here: or reply to this post.

In particular we want to start porting apps and libraries to Tracker 3.0, so it’ll be great to have folks who work on content apps, Grilo, etc.

If you want to join in with a fun open source project then we can also use the time to help you get started with some work on Tracker!

I look forward to seeing you there :slight_smile:

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We’ve tried a couple of solutions in our working group and had the most success using a self-hosted bigbluebutton instance. I’d be happy to join on Rygel’s behalf :slight_smile:

Great! is there a way we could use this bigbluebutton instance for the meeting? :slight_smile:

Regarding Rygel, I have a few thoughts!

Like most apps I’ve looked at, Rygel doesn’t seem to have any automated tests covering the Tracker related codepaths. Probably because there’s never been a clear way to use Tracker from tests. For 3.0 we will have a story for this, see here for an example, so maybe we can add a test and use that to test the port to 3.0?

Regarding the work required for porting Rygel to 3.0, the big change is probably that the ‘nmm:uPnPShared’ flag will no longer be stored with the filesystem metadata, it’ll be stored in a Rygel-specific Tracker database instead.

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Regarding that BBB instance, unfortunately, no. That’s behind a VPN. And unfortunately my server doesn’t meet the prerequisites :-/

Regarding Rygel: Yes, we tried to cover the the core functionality with the tests (which still isn’t on par to what it was before :/) , and also back in Nokia days, as you said, the tracker testing story wasn’t that clear.

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No worries. I guess we’ll use Zoom unless someone has an alternative!

I got the time wrong in my original post, the meeting is at 15.00 UTC this Saturday. (It’s 17.00 in my local time zone :/)

Zoom is not free software, we should not use it.

As an alternative, there is Jitsi Meet. Here is a list of reliable instances.
There are currently some issues when using Firefox but they are being worked out.

Which is more problematic, Zoom or Chrome ? :thinking:

I’m happy to use if it works though, have you had a good experience with one of those instances in the past?

My point is let’s not use Zoom nor Chrome :smile:! But I would be lying if I said that the current status of Jitsi + Firefox was optimal.

That being said, I have never added any issue with Firefox + the Jitsi instance from framatalk (between 2 and 5 participants during my calls). According to the bug reports, things get messy when there are a lot of participants to a call.

I could also set up a BBB room at - It is very privacy friendly and BBB seems to work fine with Firefox. We can also just try one of each on subsequent meetings and see which one floats our boat the best :slight_smile:

If you want, GNOME has a Bluejeans account you can use. It’s not free software, but does work with Firefox and has phone dial in numbers.

(As an aside, we’re also looking at BigBlueButton as one of the options for GUADEC :P)

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Thanks for all that, so it seems like we have some free software options :slight_smile:

@jensgeorg - I tried the demo room at and it seems to work nicely; so if you can set us up a room there - perfect!

have you tried it’s based on bigbluebutton and is open source, and the basic free account will let you use 15 people.


Room should be available at

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Notes from the meeting are here:

Next one is in 2 weeks, same time, same place!


Reminder that the next Tracker project meeting will be at 15.00 UTC tomorrow (Saturday 2nd of May).

Agenda is here:

Woot… cool. I’m going to try to make it!

Can we start recording meetings? I feel like this is a great way to point people at things they might have missed.

I have an account on, if I am able to make it happy to let people use that -

Excellent! See you there :slight_smile:

Can we start recording meetings? I feel like this is a great way to point people at things they might have missed.

I wrote notes of the last meeting at

How does everyone feel about recording the meetings as videos? I’m not sure I want everything I say to be preserved for eternity… andiIf someone does want to catch up, it also seems like it’d be more work watching hours of rambling meeting videos, than reading the edited notes in the wiki.