Tracker integration with nautilus (aka: Files) and "Full Text Search"

What happened to full tracker integration?

For example:

With nautilus 3.36, I was able to click on “Videos”, where I actually store my videos, and simply type “war”, automatically initiating a search. Every video I have with “war” in the file name would match, as it still does. But it would also match any video with “war” in the tracker db as nie:keyword or nfo:genre as well as matching the word in nie:title and nie:comment. The data still gets sucked up correctly, even if tracker3 is a bit broken, but nautilus doesn’t find it.

One very specific example:

charles@orca$ pwd
/home/charles/Videos/Drama/Before the Fall (2004)
charles@orca$ tracker3 search napola
…Napola - Elite für den Führer…

Napola - Elite für den Führer…

charles@orca$ tracker3 search -v napola
Napola - Elite für den Führer…

The data is there, but nautilus doesn’t see it. If I click “Videos” and type “napoloa”, only the file “Before the Fall.txt” is displayed by nautilus, indicating the FTS isn’t completely broken yet.

When I first encountered this, I reported this as a bug in my distro (opensuse Leap 15.4) and moved on try with a couple of different versions of nautilus, as I was immediately ready to drop 15.4. I tested with a newer version of nautilus that ships with opensuse tumble weed, and a the version that ships with lmde NEWEST (based on debian bullseye). In both cases, nautilus matched “napola” in the file “Before the Fall.txt”, but NOT in the file “Before the Fall (2004).mkv” as it should.


I never can tell with nautilus …

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Please file the bug here:

But please avoid this kind of remarks in the future. It’s totally unnecessary and only serves to annoy people.

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It’s not just about being “politically correct”. It’s about having a minimum of respect or not being insulting. At least you can be respectful so as not to irritate the developers, so that they are more open to you.

You can express your frustration without using words like laughable, stupid, or repeating things (“feature…”), all in capital letters.

If you are missing features, you are free to request them in the whiteboard (, one issue per feature mentioning your use case, why you need them/how they are useful to you.

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