Tracker has branched for 3.0: use the 2.3 branch if you want stability

Hi everyone,

As discussed at GUADEC (talk, BoF), the next release of Tracker will be a backwards-incompatible 3.0 release. Hopefully this will be ready in about a year, but we’ll see. Work for Tracker 3.0 has already begun in the master branches of tracker.git and tracker-miners.git.

This means: if you are integrating Tracker into an OS or an SDK, or if you build Tracker as part of a Flatpak application, stick with the tracker-2.3 branch and tracker-miners-2.3 branch for now. We’ll be maintaining Tracker 2.3 as a long term stable release. Meanwhile the master branch is already “experimental” (i.e. broken in some interesting ways).

The plan for Tracker 3.0 is more or less …

  1. Implement SPARQL 1.1 support. Test the changes & deal with fallout (such as non-standard extensions).

  2. Plan and implement architectural changes associated with each app having its own tracker-store.

  3. Implement and test the planned Flatpak portal.

  4. Ensure documentation and apps are updated ready for 3.0. Document and test a transition path for OSes to move from 2.0 to 3.0.

We are at stage (1) currently. Each stage is going to require some testing with real applications. If you maintain an app that uses Tracker and you’re interested in helping us test the Tracker 3.0 changes then please let me know. It will be really helpful for us!


Thanks for sharing @sthursfield. Keep up the great work!


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