Tracker 3 never stops its work at Fedora 33

I’ve installed today the Fedora 33 Beta.

And the processes tracker-extract-3 and tracker-miner-fs-3 never stop.

I hear my fan running.

The commands tracker3 daemon -f and tracker3 daemon -w don’t show events …

But at the /tmp/tracker-extract-3-files.1000/ dir … tracker keeps creating and recreating links to the same files (in general, ogg music files).

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It’s most likely a bug, so let’s investigate at Thanks for raising this!


Is Tracker 3 available to install as a flatpak?

It’s a system service, not an application, so it doesn’t make sense to distribute via Flatpak. Apps that use the service can include it in their Flatpak bundles, though.


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