Touch Gestures Inconsistency

I have recently been experimenting with Linux on convertible tablets to replace my Chromebook, and after some distro-hopping found Fedora Gnome to be the best for screen rotation, trackpad, and touchscreen support. However, I am constantly frustrated with the inconsistency between gestures on trackpad vs. touchscreen. I have seen the same behaviour both on a Dell Latitude 5290 2-in-1 (not the laptop with the same model number) and Surface Go 2 (using the default kernel not surface-linux).

In essence, the gestures to open the Activities Overview and switch Workspaces use 3 fingers on a trackpad but require 4 fingers on the touchscreen.

In my quest for a solution to this inconsistency I have found zero solutions and 3 separate pages on which give differing information about gestures. I have opened an issue on Gitlab for the documentation to be corrected, but I am posting here in the hope that someone has a solution that will let me change the gesture behaviour to be consistent between trackpad and touchscreen.

How do I make touchscreen gestures also use 3 fingers to open the Activities Overview and switch workspaces?

It was always supposed to be 3 fingers, but after changes in the underlying platform, it started misbehaving and requiring 4 fingers in practice.

The issue was fixed in GNOME 45, and the gesture now works with 3 fingers as intended on both touchpads and touchscreens.


Thank you for the reply. I will look forward to gnome 45 rolling out to Fedora, then! My tablet currently has Fedora 38 running gnome 44.5.

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