Toolbar setup dialog

This is my first post here, so please be gentle.

I would like to know if there is a default “Toolbar setup” dialog.
I can catch the right click on the toolbar and present a context menu, but I’m not sure if there is a specific toolbar setup dialog I can use or I will need to create one.

If the latter - what is the recomendation? What would such dialog looks like? I may submit this as a patch in the future, so I’d like to make it right. Should I follow the Windows dialog design or OSX one? Or maybe someone already have some idea?
And if its already present - even better. I will just re-use it.

Or maybe someone is already working on this?

Thank you.

Thank you.

No, there is no such dialog in GTK, mostly because not many applications have both a toolbar, and a way to customise/edit it. I’m also fairly sure that we don’t have anything about it on the HIG because of the relative scarcity of this kind of applications.

You probably want to look at existing applications that allow this kind of user interaction.

If you’re planning to work on the HIG, I encourage you to join the #gnome-design channel on; you can use Matrix and join

If you’re planning to submit code to GTK, you will have to:

  1. talk to the GNOME design team for establishing a baseline design
  2. implement that design in a separate library
  3. talk to various GTK-based applications that have an editable toolbar, and convince them to use or port to your code
  4. iterate over the design and API for a couple of development cycles
  5. once you have at least three applications using your code, open a merge request for GTK

Hi, Emmanuelle,
Thank you for the fast reply.
Do you know any such application? The one that uses such feature.

Also, it looks GTK team discourages submitting new stuff to the library… :wink:
How can I as independent developer can convice 3 teams to use my design?

But that’s OK.

Thank you.

Not really, no. The only application that comes to mind is LibreOffice, but that uses its own toolkit—even though it depends on some common GTK dialogs on Linux.

You can contact the maintainers and talk to them.

We discourage adding widgets, especially complex ones, to GTK because once it’s in GTK it needs to be maintained forever, with the same API/ABI. Every new widget increases the burden on the GTK developers, and there aren’t that many to begin with. This means we’re very cautious about adding new API that has not been designed, proven, iterated, and tested.

Sorry, but GTK can’t be a dumping ground of functionality.

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