Toolbar setup dialog invokation

Hi, ALL,

What would be the best way to invoke the toolbar setup dialog?

Left mouse click? Left mouse double click (as in Windows)? Right click and present a context menu (as in OSX)?

Or just have a menu with the special ID of toolbar_setup_dialog?

Thank you.

Could you provide more information about your specific case? If you’re building an app with a configurable toolbar, there’s likely to be a way to avoid having to make it configurable at all.

@bragefuglseth ,
What do you mean?

Me as a developer can not predict what tools the user will most often use and so I can set some but I want to let my user decide what tools to display and what not. Also my user may decide not to display the toolbar at all to have more space at some points and show it at another.
Or they can decide to dock it to a different portion of the window or even make it float-able.

It is not up to me - it is up to the user/.

I hope I answer the question.

Let me know if I was not.

Thank you.

The answer to your original question is that you can do what you think is best for your app. There isn’t any recommended way to do editable toolbars currently, since it isn’t a standardized UI pattern in GNOME.

If you’re not developing a GNOME app at all, you should take a look at what the apps in your environment do.

I highly recommend reading this article first, though:

@bragefuglseth ,
I am developing a cross-platform application and I want to provide this functionality.

I do hear you. However, comparing to what MS did (or any other big company for that matter), I don’t have means, nor resources to do that research. :wink:

Besides - don’t you think it is up to the software users to decide what to do and how the software should be presented rather than the developer.

We already have a Wayland - a system where someone decides that window positioning is really, really big NO NO. And so the code where developer usually position dialogs in the center of the screen will not work, or not work consistently, because compositor to compositor it will be executed differently.

So, I presume that this functionality in my program will be up to me - a developer.

Thank you.

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