Toggling on/off icon visibility in GMenu items


I am populating a GMenu from a .ui file and then setting it as the application menu bar with Gtk::ApplicationWindow::set_menubar(). Some of the items have icons. The icons are by default visible with GTK3 but not with GTK4. I can use the Inspector to turn on/off icon visibility in both GTK3 and GTK4 by toggling the ‘visible’ property but can’t figure out how to do in programmatically.

Inkscape using GtkMenu offers users a preference option to choose between:

  1. All icons hidden
  2. All icons visible
  3. A small subset of icons visible (the default).

How can implement this with a GMenu?


You don’t.

Icons in menus should be limited to “objects”, like file types or bookmarks; “actions”, like “Open” or “Copy”, should not have icons.

For objects, you can set an icon to menu items by using attributes in the XML.

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