Tmblwd GTK4 pointer white

Hi All

updating tumbleweed recently turned the pointer into a white square while leaving the app:
on Desktop, Panel …

removed any gtk3 extension as indicated
.icons stable since 2022
log in/out, reboot didn’t change devious pointer

Inside app pointer is as expected.
Help is appreciated.

Did you maybe update the adwaita-icon-theme package to 46 while mutter is still at 45?

Adwaita-icon-theme noarch
Installed Version
Created Di 19 Mär 2024 08:45:29 CET
Installed Sa 23 Mär 2024 09:19:58 CET
Source GNOME / adwaita-icon-theme · GitLab

Installed Version
Created Di 19 Mär 2024 10:30:13 CET
Installed Sa 23 Mär 2024 09:57:07 CET

Actually the recent dup was friday night.
Luckily adwaita-icon-package and mutter are sync, version wise.

Are you maybe using a custom cursor theme? Did you restart your session after those updates?

cusors in use:

machine reboot was required after distribution upgrade
facing the devious pointer → log off/in, reboot → devious pointer persists.

adwaita default and dmz black pointer work as expected

From Matia Salvin

Change Cursor for Window

In GTK3 we have gdk_window_set_cursor which will change the cursor for a given window. It’s been deprecated in GTK4. Instead, we can use the function above by passing the window as our widget.

GtkWidget *window = gtk_application_window_new (app);
gtk_widget_set_cursor_from_name(window, "pointer");

package owner of adwaita was busy until this Di 19 Mär 2024 13:00:00 and is inquired to the devious pointer. Also ghostman (oxygen)

Mutter 46 switched to using CSS names for cursors and no longer uses the legacy X11 cursor names, which are still used by many (most?) cursor themes. You can file an issue against mutter if you want to ask about adding a fallback to those legacy X11 cursor names.

Thank you !

reading local icons directory some +56 named oxygen cursors can be found e.g.

alias → link
all-scroll → fleur
col-resize → split_v
crossed_circle → circle


Are these deprecated legacy x11 cursor names ?

Moving oxygen cursor names to M46 is preferred over asking for fallback.

Looking at M46 resources, CSS naming conventions could not be found yet

Best regards Leo

Mutter and gtk just follow the CSS spec:

Excellent thank you!

oxygen cursor names match in most of the apps.

As the pointer is moved outside eg. chrome it changes to white square when hovering above panel. Also above Desktop, panel calendar, panel settings and panel calling dash, dash itself…

qed and reproducible.

Imho pointer for the above mentioned parts of the user interface have not yet been properly set, if set at all.
Mutter will be asked for comments, patches. :slight_smile: *

Again thank you for shedding light on cursor names, :checkered_flag:
:beers: Leo

Quick&dirty added 9 bytes of default cursor. Done. works for me.
Please close
@carlosg thank you for your hint!