Tiny adwaita default font size for gtk.jl apps despite any global settings

Hoping this is the right place for this question, as it relates to gtk.jl apps.

Made some gtk.jl GUI apps …

  • in Ubuntu their in-appwindow font and cursor size is tiny and both are adwaita theme. maybe 8pts or something super tiny.
  • ive been searching for days for a way to make the font size bigger.

some things i think may be useful clues …

  • when i run the app from within vscode as its child, the app matches the global theme. when i run the app from a terminal command, the font and cursor size is tiny and are both adwaita.
  • when i set in a .desktop file the gtk theme to yaru-dark, the GUI becomes dark theme, but the font and cursors are still tiny adwaita.
  • when i use these Gtk.jl apps in kubuntu KDE, they always match the global theme, didnt imagine any issue with gnome until i tried it.
  • when i change theme and font size in the main settings, and also in tweaks, i can adjust both the shell font size in the top bar, and the global theme in-app font size, as much as i want. but these settings never make any difference to the gtk.jl apps which still use tiny adwaita theme.
  • switched the gtk,jl app to use glade xml but it doesnt affect the font size. im not entirely sure i have correctly attached the css which contains “font-size” i copied what little i could find.

so i wonder …

  • is there a way to make the global theme apply - like vscode can and does?
  • is there a way to increase the adwaita theme minimum font size?
  • why is the default font size of adwaita so small in 2022?
  • is there a way to change the default system theme to anything but adwaita?
  • am i barking up the wrong tree?

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