Time format : Add seconds to the time at top of the desktop

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I would like to have seconds with the time displayed at top-middle of the desktop.

Is it possible to improve the time format, like with Unity ?

If not, where should I submit an improvement ?

I’ve just found how to switch between 24h and AM/PM, but there is nothing else.
(I don’t remember have already seen that, is it recent ?)

Why not access to time settings with a right-click, too ?

BTW : The day/week with the date would be quite nice, too. :slight_smile:

You can configure that in Settings → Date & Time.

If you’re using an older version of GNOME, you can use GNOME Tweaks.

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Nice :slight_smile:

What’s the required version, and how to check my version ? (I’m using Ubuntu 22 LTS.)

Thanks. :slight_smile:
I found it, but once installed I don’t find it among apps.

It’s new in GNOME 45: GNOME Release Notes

You can see your GNOME version in Settings → About. It’s a little fuzzy with Ubuntu though because they have a habit of shipping a mixture of packages from different versions.

It should be there once you’ve installed it. Alternatively, you can run it in a terminal as gnome-tweaks.

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Nice, exactly the 2 features I asked for! :slight_smile:

Thank you. It’s 42.9.

Do you know if GNOME 45 is shipped with Ubuntu 24?
If not, do you know how I can easily get the last version with a distribution, to avoid asking for already-resolved issues?

OK, I just found it. I didn’t check the Utility folder.

Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

I hope you have (planned to) add all the useful settings to “Settings”, so that we’ll never need this additional app. :slight_smile:

It appears that Ubuntu 24.04 will have version 46 of gnome-control-center (aka GNOME Settings):


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