Thumbnail doesn't work on clip file


I was trying to make a script to thumbnail the .clip format, but I can’t seem to make the file use an image that I manually dropped in the thumbnails folder. It’s the proper resolution, it uses the target file’s MD5 hash, and it seems to be in the correct directory (thumbnails for other files do show up there), but it won’t display anything.

Is there some step I’m missing? Thanks.

You need to use the md5sum of the file URI: echo -n "file:///home/jay/Documents/newlunaryear.clip" | md5sum

However I would suggest looking into writing a thumbnailer instead of trying to generate the path yourself, then nautilus will automatically thumbnail the files for you: libgnome-desktop/gnome-desktop-thumbnail.c · master · GNOME / GNOME Utility Library · GitLab