Thoughts about RSS/Atom integration

I’m not sure this is the right place to start this conversation, but I wanted to know how developers and users here feel about the usage of RSS/Atom and how it could inspire new features for GNOME Web.

I’ll be quick, because I suppose most of the community is already aware of the context: nowadays the web tends to be “five websites, each consisting of screenshots of text from the other four”, but that wasn’t always the case, although people understandably start to forget about it; it’s been almost 10 years since Google Reader was shut down, and 13 years since Firefox made the orange “RSS” icon disappear from its default toolbars.

I’ve read 2 years ago that Google planned to add a “Follow” button to Chrome when browsing a RSS-enabled website, but I’m not sure the feature has been implemented since (I don’t see it on my Android phone). As of now, I still tend to think that a browsing app which allows its users to keep track of updates to their bookmaked (or “subscribed”, if you will) websites makes for a superior browsing experience, and that in lack of a dedicated UX either in an feed reader app or the browser itself, is unfortunately provided only by social network nowadays.

I saw that the subject was brought up in an old ticket, and now that the GNOME app ecosystem is becoming more robust (see NewsFlash), I wanted to bring back this topic again and see how would you imagine a more integrated RSS experience inside your web browsing habits. Perhaps some design work has already been done in that regard, that I’m not aware of? I would love to hear more thoughts about this.


I’m currently using Thunderbird for it. Would be using a separate app, but not liking any of the available options, really…

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