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A quick meld folder diff of nemo-preview (which I seem to have found here and sushi finds minimal commonality. Directly diffing the two mainWindow.js files basically just matches the GPL headers. So no, your not going magically cherry-pick it over and even if there was a single bit of code that adds that feature you’d have to do a fair bit of work to copy it over…

To a certain extent the “simplist” way to do this is reset back to sushi and re-nemo-ify it, especially when you’ll be missing all the fixes to sushi since the fork

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I didn’t intend to be, I’ve never used Nemo Preview but I’m guessing it’s main difference to Sushi is no GtkHeaderBar - something that should be quite simple to change vs copying bits of sushi over (and figuring out what)

Indeed, I can see how from a users perspective something like this may seem simple. Alas, the simple things are normally hard and often the hard simple.

Sushi fails to preview large shell script files, uses too much CPU

Well a 50 MB file really is rather large, especially with syntax highlighting and GtkSourceView is known to have issues with larger files - I would guess sushi fails to cancel the async file loading hence continued CPU usage when “closed”. But that’s just wild conjecture.

I couldn’t find any other issues from you (ignoring the one that sent you here)

To be fair 22 hours isn’t that long, someone will probably look at it eventually

For this behavior, a new version of the previewer DBus API was implemented. If you search for “previewer” in the commit log, the changes are there✓&search=previewerâś“&search=previewer

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Also, searching for the issue, I found this: And it links to the merge requests where the feature was implemented

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Loading the file, as asked. Closing a window isn’t magic - Someone has to hook things up (generally via GCancellable) for the IO task to get cancelled. Something which can easily gets missed and isn’t necessarily trivial to get right.

The fact it’s a massive file, I’d expect the file is already being loaded in chunks (of course text files don’t have pages) but GtkSourceVIew will start to wobble with that much data

These really aren’t comparable, for a number of reasons

Which is wildly different. Something to point out here is sushi doesn’t do overly much, it’s GtkSourceView or GStreamer that actually puts stuff on screen.

It’s not being “allowed“ to do anything. Unfortunately sushi has fairly few contributors (who are of course volunteers) so yes, you probably won’t see any fixes fast. And it’s almost certainly going to be more than a week I’m afarid.

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@RedBearAK Wishing for a better user experience is no excuse for an entitled attitude and harsh tone.

If you “want Linux to be better”, your “venting” has the opposite effect. This is what’s been driving people away from contributing to free and open source software.

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