The tangent on wallpaper selector

This might sound super unimportantant but hear me out. One of the first things we’re taught in design is to avoid tangents unless in super rare cases because they create tension/they’re not pleasing to look at. The X on the backgrounds is a tangent. I don’t know if it’ll change with Gnome 42 but it’d look a lot better if it was moved away from that corner.

edit: Right click on desktop, select change background. It’s the panel that lets you select the background.

I don’t understand. Where did you take that screenshot? That doesn’t look like a GNOME application?

It could be the “Background” settings panel. If I add a custom picture, it gets a close button as in the screenshot.

I would say it’s way too close. It would be a good time to fix it, but UI’s already frozen :confused:

I was about to say that tweaks like this should still be possible, but it turns out that someone already fixed it:

Screenshot from 2022-02-20 13-09-36

(sorry for the weird choice of image, I didn’t have any non-screenshot images at hand)

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Awesome! :tada: That’s a relief.

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