The newbie and the problem

Greetings everybody! I’m new to coding, just trying to learn it for fun, so I’m trying to create a GUI with GTK and Vala.
As a total ignorant, I would know how to set up the IDE for GTK. For this project I use Builder as IDE because I saw that there are not so much choices for Vala (basically I use KDevelop for Python), but when I run the project (copy/paste of the example from the gtk site), it returns that there’s no GTK library or stuff like that. Then, I can’t find into Builder’s Preferences any settings for environment variable.
Please remember, I am a total newbie and I do this in my day off. Not a programmer or expert at all.
Thanks for collab! See ya right here! :slight_smile:

Have you tried to use the project template Builder provides for Vala? Open Builder, click the «Create New Project…» button, and proceed. This will set up a Flatpak-based environment and a small app skeleton that you can use as a starting point.

I guess to have done just that. I setted it up while I created the project. I saw the skeleton of it (src, main.vala, README.MD and so on…).
Maybe I need to know better Builder. I will check better its documentation.

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