The description topic is no longer pined

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On the All categories section we see a small description for each category.
When I click on a category, there is a pined topic with the description.
When I click on the topic, and then I come back on the topic list, the topic with the description is no longer pined.

Why? Is there a way to have description topic for all categories pined again?

I’ve found a workaround:

For each category:

  1. When the description topic is lost, search “About the category” in the category to recover it.
  2. Always, open the description topic, and re-pin it. It should be definitive, this time.

Why are the 2 subcategories of the Platform category we can see on the All categories section not visible on the Platform category web page?

Why is About the Site Feedback category neither pinned, nor pinnable, nor closed?

That was wrong.

But I’m sorry, because I hadn’t checked my user settings enough, before asking.

Please see:

The last 2 questions are remaining:

Is there sth with them which depends on Discourse not GNOME?

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