Thanks to all election candidates

On behalf of the GNOME Foundation Board, I’d like to thank all the candidates who ran in this year’s board elections. We had a strong field this year, with a high number of candidates in relation to the number of seats available. This was a great position to be in, and enabled us to have a highly competitive election process.

We’re thrilled that so many high quality candidates were motivated to run!

While the election results have not been finalised, we can offer tentative congratulations to the likely winners, and also encourage those who have not been elected this time to consider running again in the future. Please don’t consider this the end of the road for your potential directorship!

With thanks,


Chair, GNOME Foundation Board of Directors


Indeed, it would be good to see some of this year’s losing candidates run again next year, especially those with business or nonprofit experience. (Also, next year there will be four seats up for election instead of three, so it might be a little easier.)

We also have committees that you can join in the meantime if you want to stay involved this coming year.