Terminal as background image

Hi! is there a way to set the Terminal as background image?
i mean instead of that background can i have a terminal?

It depends on what you consider “a way”.

It should be feasible to write an extension that

  • uses the Meta.WaylandClient API to launch a small GTK program that puts a VteTerminal in a maximized window with no decorations
  • keeps it underneath all other windows

But as far as I can tell nobody has written such an extension yet, so there is no zero-effort way of achieving that.

it will be so practic, anyway nobody keeps apps on background any more, or at least i don’t. but i have no idea how to write what you said unfortunatley…

  1. You can maximize/run in fullscreen mode the terminal while it’s executing a task and take a screenshot of it, then set it as a background image.
  2. IDK if this will work as intended but you can try it, if you want an animated background: record a short video of your fullscreened terminal executing a task, then import that video to gifcurry, make it a GIF file with your desktop resolution dimensions (if your desktop is 1920x1080, then that’s the size your GIF must be) and then set that GIF as a background image.
    However, IDK if GNOME or any other desktop supports animated pictures for background, so you’ll have to test it yourself.
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