Templates for new issues

Hi :slight_smile:

What do you think about making some kind of templates for new issues?

If you have a GitHub account, you can look at those set for Unicodify.

IMHO it would be useful to have at least one for Bug reports and one for Feature requests.

From my experience, 50% ignore them, 25% misunderstand them or do not understand what is requested anyway. The broader your user base, the less helpful I find them.

I would say that no matter if it’s useless for most of users, if it’s useful for 5% it’s good for them, and for the maintainer who will read them!

If a lot of users misunderstand templates, that means they should not be mandatory. That’s the case where they become a problem.

For example: in Unicodify, the one for Feature requests sets 4 titles:

  • Background
  • Proposed solution
  • Alternatives
  • Additional context

I find Background and Proposed solution useful, and probably I would have been better understood if I had used them.

I don’t use Alternatives and Additional context, because I don’t know how to use them in an efficient way. So I just remove them.
If someone wants to learn me how to use them, I’ll be happy to make better reports. :slight_smile:

@kaiw Do you have an opinion about that?

I see that Issues · Infrastructure / Infrastructure · GitLab has some templates, whereas Issues · GNOME / meld · GitLab has not.

I don’t have a strong view on issue templates, but broadly I agree with @jensgeorg and I feel that new issue templates probably annoy more people than they help.

Specifically with the linked issue, I think the problem is that it’s difficult to communicate a large new feature with a complicated new UI layout, and doubly so when there are no mockups or similar.