Telegram-Desktop devs have some trouble to support gnomes do-not-disturb feature

I don’t want to be the one who points in someones direction. This is mostly a “please take a look”, because I can’t do anything for real, yet I think this shouldn’t be ignored. So sorry already If this is against the rules. :frowning:

It’s entirely up the applications to integrate with the platform they are consuming. If Telegram does not want to integrate with GNOME, there’s nothing GNOME can do about it.

We provide an API—a well known, shared setting, and an API to retrieve its state.

The Telegram developers may want to have a “shared setting”, which is generally impossible to achieve at the desktop level because each and every desktop has its own configuration system; personally, I think they could implement per-desktop checks, but I’m not a Telegram developer, so they are entirely free not to care.

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Thanks you for this :slight_smile:

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