Tarball release goals for core software

Hi maintainers, I’d like to clarify when new tarball releases are desired. The GNOME schedule applies to software in GNOME core. Other software associated with GNOME is welcome to follow this schedule, but is not required to do so.

  • In order to ensure adequate testing of unstable tarballs (e.g. 40.alpha, 40.beta, 40.rc), core modules and dependencies hosted on GNOME GitLab should aim to release according to the unstable schedule if they have non-translation changes.
  • All software that had an unstable release during the current release cycle must release for the cycle’s first stable release (e.g. 40.0) to ensure a stable version number, even if there have been no changes since the previous release.
  • Core modules may wish to follow the schedule for subsequent stable releases (e.g. 40.1, 40.2, etc.). However, the high frequency of scheduled stable releases is primarily intended to accomodate frequent GNOME runtime updates rather than individual module tarballs. Most modules will not require tarball releases at this frequency, so use your best judgment to determine when a new stable release would be beneficial. Modules that release before the stable tarball deadline will be included in the corresponding update of the GNOME runtime.

Please remember there is a translation deadline for the first stable release of the cycle (e.g. 40.0). Translators should try to to finish translations prior to this deadline, and maintainers should accomodate all translations completed by this deadline, so please do not release your first stable tarball until after the translation deadline.


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