Tags and watching

Did you know that Discourse also has tags? These are visible on the tags page. With these, you can watch a certain tag and get notified every time someone posts to a topic with that tag.

At the moment we don’t have that many tags, as we’re being careful to not overwhelm the namespace. However, any suggestions for tags would be welcome! Does anyone have some use cases and tags to go along with that use case?

For example:
Use Case: I want to track threads which are about windows or osx porting issues.
Suggested new tags: windows, osx, linux

The tag for macOS should probably be macos, given that the branding has changed.

Use case: Scrolling back through minutes of previous board meetings.
Suggested new tag: #minutes or #foundationminutes (depending on whether we want to tag minutes from all meetings together, or tag Foundation minutes separately from other meeting minutes)

I’ve added the #minutes tag. For determining which meeting you’re after, you can filter by category and tag :slight_smile:

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Use case: Discussing documentation pertinent to whatever else is tagged for a post.
Suggested new tag: documentation

Added, and updated your post over --> to use the tag.

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Is it possible to add tags to others’ posts? I’m happy we have a documentation tag, and there’s a conversation about gtk docs I’d like to tag, but I don’t see any way to do it.

Only when you reach trust level 3 it seems. TL 3 users can edit and re-categorise other people’s posts, which is basically what tagging needs to do.
If there’s a particular tag that needs adding and you can’t get in touch with the topic author to add it, you can either drop me a message or flag the topic with “something else” and we’ll see it.

I suppose that makes sense. I get what Discourse is trying to do with trust levels, but I feel like there should be a way to grant trust to established community members when deploying Discourse in an existing community. Anyway, this is the post I was going to tag: Useful documentation for GTK

There is indeed a way to do this. By default the first 50 users bypass the trust level 0, and go straight to trust level 1. We can also set people manually to trust levels if needed. As this is a trial, however, we haven’t added many people to those trust levels.

Tag added :slight_smile:

Could we have “events”? E.g. for Announce your local meetings for March 2019

I’ve added this for you :slight_smile:

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