Tagging doesn't seem to work in tracker3. What am I doing wrong?

hi everyone!

I want to try out tags in tracker3.
As far as I was able to figure out from the command line, they either don’t seem to be working, or I’m missing something.

Can anyone help with this?

A little bit of background information: I am running tracker3 inside a docker container on fedora:34. I have installed tracker as per the instructions here: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/tracker (tl;dr, I used a dockerfile like this

FROM fedora:34

RUN dnf install -y gcc-c++
RUN dnf install -y meson ninja-build

RUN dnf install -y git
WORKDIR /gnome-tracker
RUN git clone https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/tracker.git
RUN git clone https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/tracker-miners.git

RUN mkdir tracker-miners/subprojects
RUN ln -s ../../tracker tracker-miners/subprojects/

WORKDIR /gnome-tracker/tracker-miners
RUN dnf install -y 'dnf-command(builddep)'

# This step installs tracker3 and the miners. 
# I didn't expect this initially, I thought that this was just 
# needed in order to be able to compile, but it installs 
# everything as far as I can tell
RUN dnf build-dep -y tracker-miners

FYI, this version of tracker is affected:

$ dnf list installed |grep -i tracker
libtracker-sparql.x86_64                    3.1.1-2.fc34               @fedora
tracker.x86_64                              3.1.1-2.fc34               @fedora
tracker-devel.x86_64                        3.1.1-2.fc34               @fedora
tracker-miners.x86_64                       3.1.1-1.fc34               @fedora

Then I also compiled tracker inside the same docker container, and I was able to reproduce the same results with run-uninstalled -- tracker3 ...commands. I used the commit with hash 8c670d1ddb92694ab30fb5db7982ccb0fd3bd71e
So now what I did:

First, to show that indexing and searching work:

$ tracker3 daemon --follow
30 Jun 2021, 19:09:25:  ✗     RSS/ATOM Feeds          - Not running or is a disabled plugin
30 Jun 2021, 19:09:25:  ✓     File System             - Idle

I tried to see if files were being indexed:

$ tracker3 search -d emin
  Mihai Eminescu was the original…

…so stuff was being indexed - absolutely awesome!

but then trying to tag

$ tracker3 tag --add=petre file:///root/document_about_a_romanian_poet.txt
Tag was added successfully
  Tagged: file:///root/document_about_a_romanian_poet.txt

…and searching for a tag fails

$ tracker3 tag --list
Tags (shown by name):

Does anyone know what buttons I need to push to get this thing working? I’d eventually want to write a c program which does this automatically, but first I want to try it out from the command line - if this is at all relevant.

Thanks a lot, tbh I don’t know you guys, but that can’t be enough of an excuse not to think you’re awesome! :slight_smile:

(This message was first posted on the IRC channel https://app.element.io/#/room/#tracker:gnome.org yesterday. I realised however that this might be a better place to post this question)

Thanks for raising this. As discussed in the chatroom, tags are a somewhat neglected feature in Tracker 3, mostly due to lack of demand. I have opened an issue on the topic here: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/tracker-miners/-/issues/182

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