Tablet mode support

Hi, I have a Surface pro 4 - 2 in 1 and installed fedora with gnome 40 + linux surface drivers for touch screen support. I cannot get tablet mode working and it seems many other people are facing similar issues. everything else is AMAZING, including the touch pad gestures, aside from tablet issues, this is hands down the best desktop experience I have had on any system. I would love to be able to use this as a daily driver but I tend to use it as a tablet as much as a normal laptop. I heard that there’s a way to manually toggle between modes? This might be ok as long as an on screen keyboard can pop up automatically when needed.

AFAIK, there isn’t a tablet mode: the UI is designed to work well with touchscreens as well. You can enable the on-screen keyboard by going into the Settings → Accessibility and enable Screen Keyboard.

I think “tablet mode” here refers to the libinput device found in many hybrid devices.

Mutter does use it for its touch-mode property, which then is used by gnome-shell to automatically enable or disable some touch features (most prominently the on-screen keyboard).

I guess

$ sudo libinput list-devices

is a good starting point for figuring out why it’s not working out of the box.

Yeah sorry, I guess that’s windows terms I’m using. I found that detaching the keyboard activates this mode, while folding keyboard behind display does not. Auto rotate is enabled, auto onscreen keyboard activated. It goes back to horizontal display and no on screen keyboard when keyboard reattached. This is an absolutely incredible desktop workstation.

Yes there is, it works now and since there are so many 2 in 1’s out there, this is a feature that is expected by many.

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