Switching to Gnome on Xubuntu 20.04 desktop icon issues

Hello I am running Xubuntu 20.04

I recently tried a new desktop environment gnome desktop 3

When I first logged in there were no desktop icons but I found a document on how to use the tweak tool snap to enable them.

The enabled but look like generic document icons and are named in the convention of Application.Desktop

Under the desktop folder in the file manager however they look normal and function normal

But if I double click them from the desktop this error appears.

Failed to add plugin to panel
GDBus.Error.org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnkn own: The name org.xfce.Panel was not provided by any .service files

I tried to follow another doc which suggested copying icons from the usr/share/applications folder to desktop and I tried that and got a dialog asking me to approve the launching the file gave permission but nothing changed still Icon looks weird and receive the error stated above.

I must be really dumb because adding an icon to the desktop shouldn’t be a 7 hour ordeal.

Can someone help please

Thanks in advance

You shouldn’t install GNOME on a distribution that is tailored to use Xfce; or, at least, you shouldn’t expect to replace the whole desktop environment and keep things working.

Have you thought about installing Ubuntu—or, at least, using the live Ubuntu image—to use GNOME?


Emmanuele for your response I will look into that. It just sucks that I had all the programs and stuff installed now to cater to my needs… by installing ubuntu I assume I have to start over.

Oh well such is life lol… You have a great day my friend. God bless your footsteps

You should be able to switch from Xubuntu to Ubuntu by installing and removing the right apt metapacakges. This is somewhat error-prone, and figuring out the right steps of doing that is best done on an Ubuntu forum, e.g. askubuntu.com or discourse.ubuntu.com.

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