Switching keyboard input source not optimal

Let me say switching between inputs is pretty great compared to the past! The only problem is switching to the next language when you have more than two installed isn’t great and doesn’t work as it does on other OSs (MacOS and Windows both). I have English (US), Korean (Hangul) and Japanese (Anthy) in that order installed. If I’m in English and do super+space, it goes to Korean, if I do super+space again, it goes back to English, you can only switch between two languages. To get to Japanese, you actually have to hold down super then push space multiple times in some cases to get to it, then when I’m on Japanese, it will only go to the previous language you were using not just the next in line. I would like to propose that one’s default input source switching hotkeys would just go down the list of languages you have installed in settings instead of just switching between two of them. Even the setting to change the default hotkeys is titled “switch to next input source,” but that doesn’t even happen.

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