Suspend AND lock on laptop lid close

It seems that Gnome is the only DE that does not include a way to set suspend and screen lock on lid close. As picayune as this sounds, without screen lock and suspend, Gnome really is not useable for me. The rest of the DE is brilliant, however. Until this is addressed, I will likely stick with Cinnamon. Please offer this through an actual screensaver application. Is this because Gnome uses LightDM as opposed to Cinnamon using SDDM?

No, GNOME locks the screen before suspend.

But note that lock functionality depends on GDM, so if you use something else (like LightDM), then it won’t be available.

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Very good tae know. Now I use Cinnamon/SDDM and I have suspend and lock when the lid is shut. I open the lid and am faced with my lock screen. My session was saved and I am on my way.

You would need the Tweak tool in order to do more.

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