Supporting development of quarter tiling in Mutter

I do really miss quarter tiling in vanilla GNOME. I am aware, that if my expertise wasn’t so shitty that I’ve could help with writing patches, etc.

Is there a way how can I support this feature? Like i can imagine giving in some cash or even starting a bug bounty. Or i could sweet-talk the developers!

I do really appreciate all the work done on GNOME, you guys are fantastic and I realize, that with 40 there will be other priorities with polishing the concept and bugfixing.

Best wishes into these complicated days!

Thanks for this, @ondrej! There’s certainly been interest in quarter tiling in the past, and I know that Georges has explored it. My understanding is that it’s not a trivial thing to implement, but I think it’s something we’d definitely like to see.


Yes, I’ve looked at it some good 4 years ago, and many of the building blocks are in already (there’s a custom Wayland protocol and X atom for GTK applications to know their tiling state, etc). But I lost interest in this after half tiling was good enough for my own usage, so we’ve been waiting for a hero to carry this torch :slight_smile:

Sadly, nobody showed up yet. I’d be happy to give some advice for anyone interested in pushing this forward.


To ne honest with my 3 monitors setup I don’t need it as well. Just sometimes when I am traveling. Shame i didn’t do C more could’ve been doing more than just being a fan boy :frowning:

If anytime anyone will continue working on that I’ll support this effort as promised. Thanks for responses :heart:

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