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Hi there !

Just wanna know if there is any plan to create GI bindings for mobiles’ OS like Android or iOS. Gtk and its siblings design philosophy along with perfectness should make GUI development in mobiles a walk in cake. But as everybody knows, its not available for mobile.

I strongly believe that Qt and Gtk are two pillars of GUI development in computers. And Qt has support for mobiles. So can we hope that one day I can see apps powered by Gtk, running in mobiles?? :slight_smile:

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“GI bindings” don’t do anything, outside of providing trampolines for a specific language to call into a C function, and converting data types to and from C data types.

What you’re asking is if at some point GTK will support Android and iOS, to which the answer is: not likely. As far as the GTK team is aware, nobody is working on an Android or iOS backend for GTK. Both platforms present various obstacles, especially to free and open source software driven by volunteers like the GNOME platform, and they are not easy to target to begin with.

You can already use GTK on mobile platforms that use generic Linux, like Purism’s Librem 5.


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