Super + mouse to drag

In many DEs (xfce, kde, …) holding super and dragging right mouse click resizes window.

That’s not the case with Gnome (using v44.0)

On Fedora 38 and GNOME OS both it works fine and the same as before. I think you’re either having keyboard problems, are misunderstanding how it works, or some app or your distribution does something wonky?

Super + left drag on a window that’s not maximized and not half tiled moves the window. If the mouse cursor touches the top panel it will maximize the dragged window. If the mouse cursor touches the left or right edge of the screen it will half tile the dragged window on that side.

Super + left drag on a maximized or half tiled window will unmaximize / untile it.

I meant Super + Rightclick drag to resize Window by default.

Solved by this section: GNOME - ArchWiki

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