Suggestions for codecs image viewer

When you open an image in the image viewer but the codec isn’t intalled. It should suggest to download the right codec in a click.

I think that is hard to do. Image Viewer uses Gdk Pixbuf to load images, it doesn’t decode images itself. Other software can provide a Gdk Pixbuf loader to let it load additional image file formats but neither Image Viewer nor Gdk Pixbuf has a list of these or a way to find them. Even if it had a list and could suggest a certain software to install, the package name and availability for each depends on your distro. And this doesn’t help if you’re running Image Viewer as flatpak.

But it would be helpful if Image Viewer could suggest something and I’m happy to be proven wrong. The list might be a better fit for a wiki though, or for the packagers of your distro (on Arch Linux the gdk-pixbuf2 package suggests all the below, thanks to the packager maintaining that list).

Just FYI, here are the additional Gdk Pixbuf loaders I find available on my OS (Arch Linux):

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