Suggestion to the GNOME team

I use an Arabic interface, so my drawing is RTL

I am not going to comment on the mockups. What I will comment on is on your choice of suggestion.

Posting a screenshot of a mockup with precisely zero explanation of what it is, what it does, or how it works, is not conducive of being called “a suggestion”. People don’t have divinatory powers, and dumping a random image puts all the burden of understanding on the people reading this forum. You are, in essence, telling everyone that their time is less valuable than yours.

Contributing to GNOME’s design is exactly the same as contributing to every other aspect of GNOME:

  • explain what problem you have
  • explain how you plan to solve it
  • explain how your solution works

Otherwise you’re just throwing stuff at the wall in the hope people will understand what you want to achieve.

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I’m sorry
I don’t know how things work here
I have no problem
I wanted to suggest a general shape for this window
I must have gotten a little excited

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I wanted it to look like this

It’s a poor virtual video

Note that the “problem” can be something you don’t like or you find not handy. Said another way, if you prefer what you show here to the current design, then you certainly have an idea of why it is better and therefore why the current design is “worse”.

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If so
The problem is that the current design reminds me of Mac, which I don’t like
GNOME is a great thing. It must be distinctive and not seek to copy things from the proprietary Mac
This is just a feeling and not a fateful issue

I do not like this suggested design, but actually I now see one thing, that bothered me a bit. My 5 year son can not read, so turning off pc was a bit difficult for him, after power button there is a text menu and if you can not read there is no way to understand restart vs shut down. So I found an extension which changes power button with menu to simple one-click buttons, as current design shows. That worked fine and even myself started using it, as it is quicker to do.

Also the box that appears in the middle looks ridiculous
Screenshot from 2024-03-12 22-14-52

Because it looks like a window above a window

have you tried an extension.

I use this

the quick settings thing will never be perfect so just keep changing it every few weeks eh :wink: good way of avoiding doing any work…

now I must get back to my contextual workspaces hacks. funny thing was 10 years or so ago i was diddling aroud with windows 8 thinking “wow this metro layout system will be great in a decade” but they binned it off and installed spyware instead.

so the moral is I guess go to the beach and drink and write everything down on a4 paper.


It sort of is, in fact. That doesn’t mean the user-experience is perfect, however these expanded menus work like “modal dialogs”.

Here the user has opened the output selection, and a decision must be made before they can change the volume slider. This isn’t the clearest example of modal interaction, but it’s the general idea.

This specific bit of UI would be a good topic to focus on, if you wanted to discuss improvements. It has clear boundaries and goals, so you can contribute what we call “actionable” suggestions. In other words, you could open an issue like:

Quick Settings submenus have a confusing appearance

When a submenu is opened, the background is dimmed and it looks like a window. This is confusing, because I expect to be able to…

It is also unclear whether I can interact with application windows, because those are not dimmed like the Quick Settings menu.

After discussion and agreement with project maintainers, it can be targeted with a merge-request like:

quickSettings: make interaction with submenus more intuitive

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