Suggestion: option to have workspaces on second monitor only (and not on the primary)

In gnome settings (v.45.5), I know we can select between workspaces on the primary monitor only or workspaces on both monitors, but I want to have workspaces on the second monitor only, and not on the primary monitor.

I think this makes more sense with the Gnome philosophy to prioritize the user focus on his work, so the primary monitor has the panel and the dock but could have one workspace to keep the user focused on a single workspace, and the second monitor could contain all the user’s background applications organized in its multiple workspaces.

note: I know I can select which monitor to be the primary, but what I want is the panel and the dock in the primary monitor with a single workspace, and the second monitor without the panel and the docker with multiple workspaces.

What about that? How can I achieve this configuration in the current version?

You can’t through configuration. You’d have to modify GNOME Shell itself.

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