Suggestion for gnomeos pkg manager

Please allow it to download and or compile packages to a local or directory in home dir with a set permission scheme

you don’t need to recompile something to set permissions, you can use the flatpak override command, or Flatseal

Sorry if I didn’t explain myself, I’m posting using my iPhone and safari web and I’m using the on screen keyboard

I want, and I haven’t used gnome os but I’ll try to dig through the source code and run some compiles… you can compile gnomeos with the c++ compiler and I believe you just need to rewrite boot code, because cpplinux freezes on boot

But I want its package manager so do

Pkg install xorg and it’ll install to system dir
And pkg install —home xwayland and it’ll install to a directory in the home directory with possible predefined permissions for best security (ie no one accesses files through other methods, not a security guru)
Or you can do pkg install xwayland —local . And it’ll resolve and install all packages and stuff in that directory

Additionally youll need a systemd like thing for the home directory, make config for systemd for apache type thing

Hope this clears things up

If you switch to the development tree you will have a whole toolchain available to compile or bootstrap anything you want.

sudo ostree admin switch gnome-os:gnome-os/master/x86_64-devel