Styling dropdown menu of cellrenderercombo

Hi I am trying to style the dropdown menu of a cellrenderercombo
I have worked out that I need to use css for menuitem, and I can change the background color and color, but this wipes out highlight (no change when the mouse is over an entry in the list)
two questions

  1. what properties do I need to access to alter the “highlighted” node of the dropdown list
    ie: the entry that the mouse is over
  2. Is it possible to apply the style to only certain widgets? I have tried menuitem#, but it doesnn’t seem to work



So is it a bug that prelight is ignored? ie:

menuitem.prelight {padding:0px;background:white;color:black} (ignored totally)

this works

menuitem {padding:0px;background:rgba(0,0,0,0.2);color:black;}

in the same array passed to

foreach my $pd (@css){
	my $p = Gtk3::CssProvider->new; 
	$p->load_from_data ($pd);
	Gtk3::StyleContext::add_provider_for_screen ($s, $p, Gtk3::STYLE_PROVIDER_PRIORITY_USER); 

But obviously isn’t what I want

I’m not sure what made you think that the .prelight class is applied to a menu item with the pointer hovering over it. I think you’re confusing GTK2 theming with GTK3 CSS. When hovering the :hover pseudoclass is applied to a widget, just like on the web. At most, GTK3 supports the :prelight pseudoclass, but the CSS selector for that would be menuitem:prelight, not menuitem.prelight. In any case, :prelight is deprecated, and has been removed in GTK4.

You should read the CSS documentation for GTK3 to know which selectors are applied to a widget; additionally, every widget class in the API reference should have its classes and elements documented in its description.

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