Strange search behaviour

I have often encountered that the search in the overview wont find some files.
I then open nautilus, and search for the files there. Then, search in overview still will not find these files. But as soon as I have opend one of these files with nautilus, this specific file then gets also found in the overview. For some time at least. So, as a workaround I then open all these files with nautilus to have them found in overview, too.

I am not sure, but I suspect this only effects files I have stored in an almost most of the time mounted encfs encrypted directory.

Does the search has an issue with encfs encrypted directories? Will the search index those files as soon as the directory is mounted?

Might I have somehow blacklisted the encrypted directories to prevent them from being found in the search? And then by opening one of those files it gets found because it is in the “recent directory”?

Any ideas to solve this issue?

The overview search looks through XDG user dirs only by default, and separate it looks through recently opened files. If those encfs dirs are mounted outside the XDG user dirs, that’s what you’re observing. If you do a search in Files itself it searches the current dir and all subdirs. IIRC the difference is to keep overview search quick.

You can configure which XDG user dirs overview search should look through in Settings > Search > Search Locations. You can add dirs as well.

The mount point for the encfs encrypted directory is a directory in the Documents folder. The Documents folder itself is set to be searched in Settings > Search > Search Locations. I did have also already added the moint point itself as additional directory.
So, there must be some other reason.

Are there any other reasons that might explain a kind of amnesia of the overview search? I just observed the same behaviour for a file in my Pictures folder. The file didn´t show up in overview search. After I opend it via nautilus, I did show up in overview search.
The Pictures folder is set to be searched in Settings > Search > Search Locations
I am on Solus with Gnome 43.5

Other people on Reddit seem to experience the same behaviour:

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