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I am trying GNOME Builder 3.36.1 for managing small C++ student projects and I have noticed some strange autocompletion behavior when using short variable names. I believe a GIF will explain it better:

Peek 2020-10-15 10-52

I have a simple struct with three variables (x, y, and description), and whenever I wanted to write, say, “p.x”, autocomplete kicked in and substituted p with piecewise_construct the moment I pressed “.”

The autocompletion for p.“whatever” was available but way below the first suggestion.

I am not sure whether it’s me using these features wrongly (I have been using Builder as an editor for these files, instead of creating a Project) or there is something not working alright with the autocompletion.

The only way to avoid this issue was to disable “Interactive Completion” altogether. I have all the completion providers active, but trying to disable individual ones provided no results either.

As a side note, after closing Builder and opening it again opening all of the previous files, all of the previously suggested completions disappeared and now it’s showing completely different ones, without suggesting even the struct variables below (for “p”, it’s showing “pair”, “plus”, “_Tp”, “_PCC”… and for “p.”, it’s showing “_Ostream”, “_Tp”, “front_insert_iterator”,…):

As I said, I’m not sure if this is a bug from whichever side, or it’s me using this wrongly.

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