Storing credit cards in keyring

I would like the ability to store credit cards and cryptowallets in gnome keyring (or similar secure store). I think letting websites save a credit card is a really insecure and bad idea. Letting third party apps store cards locally is a better idea, but that still requires that the app is secure, and requires each app store it separately. The best option would be to store it in central secure store that is well maintained by everyone.

Should I open a bug/feature request for this? And which project does such a feature request belong to?

+1. I strongly support this idea.

P.S. Is this the right place to make suggestions for seahorse?
I have
one different from this one, haven’t been able to find
where to send it. I have a gnome discourse login but can’t
find a relevant keyword or however it works.
George Reeke

You can file issues for seahorse at

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