Still trying to work with Gimp's batch plug-in BIMP but it seems the only unavailable filters are always the ones I need

So still trying to not give up on batch image manipulation plug-in. but it seems like every I get a good idea on how to use it I can’t locate one of the procedures I need.
The first time was just a simple merge down. Now I can’t find the GEGL noise reduction filter (found in the Enhance section of the Filters menu) I tried locating the file that controls this because it seemed those are the names used in the BIMP p plug in but no luck on finding.
I’m not looking for an alternative program as an answer ether. I’m trying to keep the idea of using another program entirely out of my head. because I’ve been using gimp for years and don’t want to try to recreate years of owned technique and tricks on some other program.
But now I’m come to the point where i’ve started doing animations, and just need to apply the same process to each layer.
And I don’t want to do it 150 times. I tried using “Layers Groups” But having to add each layer one at a time when the point of the feature is is “Groups” just seems counterproductive and defeats it’s purpose. Adding one link should add them all.

The process I’d like to be able to run with the batch plug in would be as follows…

(Optional GEGL noise reduction as first step if necessary)

  1. Duplicate image
    (assuming that it’s still selects the duplicated image by default)
  2. Desaturate
  3. Normal map (plug-in ver. for Prewitt 3x3 filter option)
  4. GEGL Noise reduction filter
  5. Desaturate
  6. Set Layer mode to grain merge
  7. Merge down

I tune the normal and noise reduction settings as needed by the image
I’ve seen my little process clean up some of the lowest quality blurriest images imaginable. But you can see I don’t want to do this over 150 times way too much anybody’s got any suggestions that’d be great.

No replies ? For BIMP only procedures that are registered in the PDB are recognised.

Therefore no GEGL filters including Normal Map & Noise reduction.

There are work-arounds. ‘Borrowed’ Gimp 2.8 plugins / scripts register and often work.

For GEGL, procedures can be used via a utility plugin. The plugin calls the GEGL procedure and also registers with BIMP

some info here: Scripting GEGL functions - Page 4 • GIMP Chat

Thanks this explains why it seemed like the duplicate function wasn’t even working. it was always like it would run the processes I could make without it. I’m sure if I wasn’t using the plug-in version of the normal map filter I would have noticed that too. This is going to help a lot. Until I read this I was thinking about starting to try to find a way to import a custom processes into the G’MiC filter.

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