Still about baselines and their mysteries

Let us imagine that I have a custom widget and this provides its own .measure() and .size_allocate() vmethods.

Let us imagine that .measure() yields a size of 50px × 50px.

Now let us imagine that the parent widget provided by the user (about which I have no information) allocates my custom widget giving it an available space of 60px × 60px, but requesting a huge baseline – let’s say 200px.

What should my widget do, according to baselines design and GTK common sense?

  1. Grant the baseline requested and occupy a space of 250px × 50px, even if the space available was only 60px × 60px?
  2. Assign only 10px of baseline and occupy a space of 60px × 50px, even if the requested baseline was 200px?


Anyone able to help?