Sticky windows for certain applications

When I start certain applications (eg mplayer) I’d like those windows to be “Always on visible workspace” (ie. sticky) automatically. I used to use devilspie2 in the X11 days to set this attribute but this doesn’t work with Wayland on Fedora.

Is this possible with Gnome/ Wayland? Is there an extension? Something like devilspie?

Currently using Fedora 38 with Gnome Shell 44.

All thoughts gratefully received.

Each process in Wayland only has access to the windows it creates, and nothing else; the only (privileged) process that can access all the windows is the compositor, so you can’t have a “Devil’s Pie” application, but theoretically you could write a GNOME Shell extension that did window matching and applied some rules.

Thanks. I figured it would have to be a Gnome Extension.

Are there any similar extensions than anyone knows of? Im happy to create one but an example will speed the learning curve.

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