Status of 'Status Icon' in GNOME Shell

A collection of resources related to the status/support of Status Icons (aka System Tray, Notification Area, Top Icons, App Indicators) in GNOME.

related threads in this forum:

other resources I found enlightening:

I’m writing this both for the community and for me. My motivation sparked after reading GNOME/gnome-shell-extensions#321.

That bug might well be bread and butter of FLOSS developers. Some random user in the internet requesting a feature and turning hostile after 5 messages. I’m empathetic to the developers and bug triagers.

On the other hand, I see the ¿perceived? increase of this hostile-type issues a natural consequence of the wider exposure to development process brought by gitlab/discourse. And wider exposure has a positive balance IMHO.

After reading the following comment:

The failed “system tray” concept has been discussed many many many many times before in the last 10 years.

I told to myself “let’s look for it” and thus this post. Hoping this get more exposure and reach users before they reach gitlab.


Another interesting page, comparing the different alternatives to

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What a lovely first contribution to discourse. Thank you for putting that together for easy reference for later. Very much appreciated.

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